Directed By: Larkin Matoon. Special Effects: AceSlowman. Production and Outro Vocals: Nathaniel Daniel. Engineered and Mastered By: Wade Made Videos on this channel feature videos by Traff The Wiz, a hip-hop artist from Missoula, MT. He has been described as "Wu Tang Clan meets Talib Kweli" by the Missoula Independent.


Directed by Colter Olmstead of Vector Visuals 


Losing My Touch

Music video for "Losing My Touch" by Traff The Wiz, from the album These Things Take Time. Shot in Troy, MT.

Hip Hop Show


A Maze in Greys


Jackson 5ish

Music Video for "Jackson 5ish" from Traff The Wiz's 2013 album These Things Take Time. Editor: Chris Balboni



Music Video for "Hey" from Traff The Wiz's 2012 album Traffghanistan. Special Thanks: James Newstrom, Charmel Burke, Matt Bowser. Shot in Troy, Montana.


Negative Gold

Off the album TRAFFGHANISTAN. Directed by Austin Valley. Starring Traff the Wiz and Ruthi Data. 


What They Thought

What They Thought on Traffghanistan.


Tellin' Me I'm Crazy

Music Video for "Tellin' Me I'm Crazy" from Traff The Wiz's 2010 album Revenge of the Spliff.